Interviews with Artistic Director Daniel Irizarry

En el Nuevo Día. Printed December 5th, 2015

“Con relación a lo que se vive hoy en Siria y Rusia y como esto está afectando mi cotidiano, por ahora es una tensión invisible. Vamos, el mundo entero está desbalanceado. {…} La única salida es la empatía. Y el teatro es mi vehículo para intentar esto. Aquí vine para hacer teatro. Mis estudiantes actores están enamorados del material. En el espacio creativo hay locura y sudor del bueno. Un espacio donde creamos mundos patafísicos.     -Read the full article here:

“Daniel Irizarry’s passionate theater madness is palpable as a divine heart attack. I first encountered Daniel’s work in The Orphans at La Mama Theater. I was struck by what I experienced, an artist who was working from the outside in, using extreme physical elements of grotesquery to create beauty and tragicomedy…. More on Huffington Post                                 -Jody Christopherson interview for the Huffington Post-

“NYTR: Why do you make theater? 
DANIEL IRIZARRY: Hmmm… I’ve always loved being in front of an audience. I feel this is the thing I know I can do best. This is the only profession that gives me the chance to push my body and voice, and that of others, to the extreme. After every project I do, I see the history of that process marked on my body. Sometimes I wonder, to be honest, Why the fuck I do this? What’s the point. Yet again, I doubt I can jump, scream and be messy in an office job, and I really, really, enjoy and love doing that.” More on New York Theatre            -Interview by Jody Christopherson for nytheatre review-