•  “Daniel Irizarry’s thrillingly kaleidoscopic, boldly physical world-premiere production…it cranks the drama up to Technicolor […]” “glittery, dance-spiked explosion of flowers, feathers and sweat.” – Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times

  • “…This is an aggressively bodily, gleefully obnoxious, and gratifyingly maniacal take on Genet, complete with dance breaks and actors climbing on the ceiling (including Daniel Irizarry, who plays the maids’ boss and also directs). Audiences game for such wild impishness will find a production that positively gushes with superb physical comedy yet stays true to the spirit of the original.” – The New
  • “One-Eighth’s suitable youthful, vital production of this new work is mature in its emotional depth, but explosive in its physicality. […] a vital theatre experience that’s good for the blood, as well as the soul.”- Piper

  • “This play is for adventurous theatergoers only. It’s unafraid to be strange, and that audacity is its own reward.”  [About Teach, Teacher, Teachest]- Ken Jaworowski,
  • “The players, the staging, the resilient and abused set, and energy levels calling for a drug bust are, and they combine to make for a dizzying and captivating time.”  [About Teach, Teacher, Teachest]- Jack Mauro,
  • “This political satire is part cirque du soleil and part insanity” “This is an absurdist Mr. Toads wild ride.” [About Teach, Teacher, Teachest]- Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles
  • “For those who like to be challenged by theatre and for those who just want to shut off their brains and wrap themselves up in the fun, both will be satisfied by Teach, Teacher, Teachest. This professor gives it an A+.” -David Lally, nytheaternow
  • “An absurdist classic roars back to life.”   [About UBU]    –Helen ShawTime Out New York
  • “I’m so glad I got to see UBU at INTAR Theatre. I was blown away by Daniel Irizarry’s work and the crazy energy and quality of this production. I haven’t had that much fun in the theatre in a while. Can’t wait to see what’s next for One-Eighth theater.” – Jose Rivera, Playwright
  • “Twisted and hilariously absurd, “Ubu” is a play that refuses to be ignored.”                      –Jan RosenbergShow Business Weekly
  • “If you like daring, vigorous and unconventional theater, do not miss this play.”                 –JK ClarkeTheater Pizzazz
  • “Daniel is a fantastic theater artist- He deserves wider exposure and any good things that come his way!”  -Mabou Mines-
  • “Ubu is a monster of mammoth size and ravenous appetite, sort of like the Tasmanian Devil on steroids, by way of Monty Python’s Mr. Creosote.”                           – review of UBU by Martin Denton-
  • “Cho H Cho’s director, writer and producer Daniel Irizarry also plays one of the main characters (Roi). He is a gifted artist with a lifetime of experience in physical theatre. His choreography for the “Dance of the Amputees” is incredible, as is a human staircase where the ensemble literally walks on top of each other. Laura Butler Rivera (Joan), who doubles as assistant director, looks like a young Imogene Coco and gives an equally impressive performance […] yet the best part of Cho H Cho is the concept itself: humor and intelligence blended with the acrobatic and artistic to make meaningful economic and social commentary. Cho H Cho is outrageous theatre to be enjoyed now and analyzed later.”                                                      review of Cho H Cho by Cate Cammarata-
  • “Irizarry’s singular stage presence and the production’s beautifully grotesque little world make this particular point in the great expanding universe worth a good look.”      -Olivia Jane Smith on Adam Szymkowicz’s UBU presented by terraNOVA for the soloNOVA Arts Festival-
  • “Daniel Irizarry and Laura Butler are more than tribute, more than homage to Jerzy Grotowski. They embody the true meaning of his work. To give body and voice completely to the human condition that lives in a text without mediation between performer and audience is the essence of Grotowski. In this pure form of theater I find no finer performers working today.”                                                                        -Terry O’Reilly, Artistic Director of Mabou Mines- 
  •  “Daniel was born to play UBU” -Andrei Serban, Director-
  • “Irizarry wrestles Power’s script to the floor by grounding everything in the intensely physical, and it’s near impossible to look away.”                                                 , review of The Proposal by Ricardo Hinojosa-